Flat Roof & Felt Roof Repair & Replacement

A felt roof repair is typically over a garage or an extension. Usually with an extension it is a simple matter of stripping off the old roof covering and replacing the felt with three layers of top quality felt.

Sometimes long-term unattended plant growth creates a water penetration facility which allows water to attack the timbers beneath the felt. The timbers can often be treated and remain in situ, but there are occasions when the timber will need to be repaired, by cutting out and replacing the rotten roof timbers, or on rare occasions, total replacement.

EJ Roofing will assess to condition of the roof on their initial site visit, and provide full feedback of their survey on the roof condition.

There are many tell-tale signs that help to establish the extent of the roof repair required.

Once we've ascertained that there is a firm foundation, we replace the old roofing felt with 3 layers of top quality roofing felt

We're a local family roofing company and we've replaced 100's and possibly 1,000's of flat roofs in the local area to all satisfied local customers over the last 7 years.

Our felt roofs are guaranteed for 10 years

Head over to the gallery and view some of our flat roofs, you'll see the three layers of high performance felt we use!