Guttering Repair & Replacement

EJ Roofing carries out all guttering work.

Guttering is usually found attached to the fascia boards around a property.

A common problem found with guttering is that it is not fixed well enough and after a certain time it will fall due to corrosion from the screws of nails used to fix the brackets or gutters being full and overweight; other times storm damage or general wear and tear will create the need for new guttering.

The obvious signs of defective guttering is damp at ceiling level and water dripping from joints.

Once guttering is put up it tends to last a long period of time, however with the right maintenance it's lifespan can increase drastically. Regularly cleaning gutters allows the water to run away without getting blocked up and backfilling. It also creates less weight in the gutter therefore putting less strain on the brackets which can cause them to collapse.

These images are of a gutter clean conducted by EJ Roofing, removing all debris and moss build up further preventing damp from entering the uostairs bedrooms.