Valleys are the metal strip that runs up the roof where two roofing slopes meet. Usually the problem we find with valleys are that because they are made of a metal over time they wear away and begin to split. Usually we find that the splits are not visible to the human eye until the valleys are removed and held to the sunlight.

To rectify this problem we strip all the tiles out either side of the valley to expose the valley, strip out the existing valley, prepare the boards, then fit our new valley. Once our new valley is in we then re fit the tiles accordingly cutting in any broken ones.

However another solution to leaking valleys is if, upon inspection, we notice the valley is only pierced in a few small obvious areas, we are able to prolong the life of the valley using a fibreglass sealant. This is applied onto the valley to fill any hairline cracks.

Please see our gallery for before and after photos of both methods at repairing Valleys